Hair Tutorial: Straight Hair Voluminous Blowout

disclosure affiliate linksWho doesn’t love a good trip to the Blow Dry Bar? Ever wonder how those professionals get your hair so beautifully sleek and full of body? Madison Reed colorist Noelle shows you just how easy it is to achieve that professional quality voluminous style right at home in today’s hair tutorial!

NOTE: This style works best on straight or slightly wavy hair to get the most volume.

See full written instructions at the bottom of the page.

Madison Reed

1. Wash and condition your hair using Madison Reed nourishing, color enhancing shampoo and conditioner set. Comb through your tresses using a big toothed comb. This will result in the least amount of damage to your wet locks!

2. Use a micro-fiber towel to gently squeeze out all excess moisture. The drier the hair the better the results!

NOTE: Avoid rubbing hair with a towel as it will damage your hair cuticles and make it look more frizzy.

3. Using a comb, section your hair into four horizontal sections (from temple to temple, ear to ear) and twist them into a bun. This will make the drying process MUCH easier.

4. If you have bangs or any shorter fringe around the face, start here as this section will dry the quickest. Using a round brush, swipe your bangs downward and side-to-side. Set your hair dryer to medium heat and direct the air-flow to blow downward from root to tip.

5. Release the bottom section of your hair and position the air flow downward towards the direction you will be brushing. Hold the round brush horizontally and curl your hair inward. Drape hair on your shoulder and allow it to cool off.

Pro tip: Using the cool button on your blow dryer to prolong your style.

6. Release the section of hair above this one and repeat step 5.

7. Release the section of hair above this one and repeat step 5 again. When you reach either side above the ears, the method of drying will change a bit. Hold the brush at a slightly vertical angle and twirl it inward. Don’t forget to use that cool button!

8. The final section at the top of the head is where you can get the most volume. Begin at the crown (back portion of this section) and position your brush horizontally. Round your hair inward and concentrate the air flow downward at the roots to get the most lift.

9. Finally, dry the remaining section of hair apply a light finishing spray.

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Halloween Hair Tutorials: Daphne, Tinkerbell, Bride of Frankenstein & MORE

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This time of year you start hearing the same question you have heard since you were 2 years old – “What are you going to be for Halloween?” You can go a long way to achieving the perfect look with your costume when you have the right hairstyle. We have a few essential Halloween Hair Tutorials with fun, easy hairstyles courtesy of Madison Reed

Halloween Hair Tutorials: Daphne, Tinkerbell, Bride of Frankenstein & MORE

  • Add mousse to damp hair and blowout.
  • Back tease the top back sections of your hair to get that slight bouffant look
  • Smooth and spray hair, then add a headband to finish off the look

Halloween Hair Tutorials: Daphne, Tinkerbell, Bride of Frankenstein & MORE

Now a style that can even work even for shorter hair:

  • Create a deep side part in your hair
  • Gather hair up in the back to create a top pony
  • Curl hair in the pony under to create a faux bun
  • Pin and spray as needed to keep the curls in place

Halloween Hair Tutorials: Daphne, Tinkerbell, Bride of Frankenstein & MORE

  • Curl all your hair in tight curls
  • Use small tupperware container and hot glue some wig hair on it to create a base to place on top of your head
  • Backcomb hair and pin locks to the base.
  • Pin in lengths of dyed wig hair for color, or color individual locks of your own hair

Halloween Hair Tutorials: Daphne, Tinkerbell, Bride of Frankenstein & MORE

  • Gather hair up into a top side pony
  • Do a quick back comb to bangs to get them to stay to one side
  • Use hair chalk or pink and blue hair spray to add color to the bangs

Thanks to the team at Madison Reed for providing the images and the step-by-step instructions for these hairstyles.

What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to try Madison Reed’s healthier for you color! Happy October! Take $10 off your first purchase of Madison Reed hair color – just use the offer code OCTOBERLOVE at checkout.

Help Kiyonna Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer

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In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Kiyonna is encouraging women across America to show their pink! When you share your favorite pink fashion piece on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #ShowYourPink and #KiyonnaGives, Kiyonna will donate $1 for every participating #ShowYourPink that also includes #KiyonnaGives (up to a total of $5,000).

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The Sunset Stroll Bellini is a lightweight cardigan designed with a hidden drawstring that allows you to wear it in different ways. Wear as a wrap with flattering gathering or slightly open just for enough coverage. Either way, it’s a versatile piece that you’ll love.

*Sunset Stroll Bellini promotion is valid from 10/1/14 to 10/31/14. Kiyonna® Clothing will donate 100% of proceeds from the Pretty in Pink Sunset Stroll Bellini retail sales (and 75% of wholesale sales) to an accredited breast cancer foundation of their choice.

A Macy’s #FashionRocks Interview with Courtney Kerr

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Macy’s helped to kick off the Fall Fashion season here in Minneapolis with a #FashionRocks event complete with a runway show hosted by celebrity host, TV Personality and Fashion Blogger, Courtney Kerr. Courtney gave us a few minutes to discuss her fashion favorites and philosophy.

What have been your favorite accessories lately?

Courtney: I always wear a watch. My favorite accessory is my Hermes Cuff. It was a gift from my boyfriend when he went to Paris. I wasn’t able to go with him, so this is my gift saying sorry you couldn’t go. It was a good gift.

What would you claim as your personal style addiction?

Courtney: Right now I am obsessed with over the knee boots. I just bought 4 new pairs in the past three weeks. Something that never changes is leopard print. I treat it like a natural. It doesn’t scare me.

Do you see “fashion” all the time or are there moments when you find yourself steering away from it?

Courtney:  It’s such a big part of me that is integrated into my daily life that it’s a part of who I am.


Say you are shopping at Macy’s and as you are scanning the racks what jumps first out?

Courtney: The red sale signs when I am at Macy’s because they do such a great job of putting items on sale. I do a lot of research before I go shopping that I never really shop and browse.

Are you more of an online shopper?

Courtney: Yeah, I like trying things on in the privacy of my own home. Then I can see what shoes they go with and mix and match them.

What inspired you to connect with the fashion world?

Courtney: My Grandmother. She loved fashion and for my fourth birthday she gave me a dress up box of her old hand-me-down clothes. I didn’t play with dolls, I played dressed up. I think everyone wants to turn what they love into how they pay their bills.

How did you envision your personal style playing a role in your blog in the beginning stages?

Courtney: It wasn’t so much playing a role as being authentic. I think that when you are a blogger you need to be authentic. Readers see that. I don’t think it’s playing a role as much as what I am feeling that day. You can speak to any personality you are feeling.

Biggest pet peeves when it comes to fashion?

Courtney: Clothes that don’t fit well. Get a tailor. Nothing fits well off the rack.

Biggest challenge in what you do?

Courtney: Feeling like I always have to look good. Like I am letting people down when I wear yoga pants and a tee shirt to run to the grocery store.

Thanks to Kelly from Muddy Flowers for conducting this interview on our behalf!

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5 Hair-Damaging Chemicals in Hair Color and How to Avoid Them

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Hair-Damaging Chemicals

When it comes to hair color we have a lot of different choices, but not very many of them are GOOD choices. It’s almost like the drugstore box colors and other online brands have totally dropped the “care” from hair care. Instead, they focus on making the least expensive product that ends up frying your hair and not taking your health into consideration at all.

Here are five hair-damaging chemicals found in most hair dyes:

1. Ammonia / Ammonium Hydroxide:

From our inception we created a formula that does not need ammonia. Other colors use it to increase shelf life, add hair pH, and blast open the hair shaft so their color can penetrate the cuticle.

  • Ammonia is harsh on hair leaving it dull and limp
  • Responsible for the pungent smell of most hair dyes
  • Increases hair porosity, which weakens hair causing frizz and split ends, and leads to color fading
  • Exposure to ammonia fumes can irritate skin, eyes, throat, and lungs, causing watery eyes, itchy scalps, coughing, and burning

2. Resorcinol:

A common ingredient in many hair colors, resorcinol is used as a dye. Our formula doesn’t need resorcinol.

  • Resorcinol is frequent cause of allergic reactions to hair dye
  • Can be toxic to the immune system

3. PPD (para-phenylenediamine):

A pigment used to create darker shades. We’ve eliminated PPD from all of our colors and instead use a safer alternative to create our rich, dark shades.

  • A high skin sensitizer, PPD is proven to trigger allergic reactions to hair dye which can result in severe dermatitis, swelling, eye irritation, and tearing
  • The EPA warns that long-term exposure can lead to asthma, gastritis, renal failure, vertigo, tremors, convulsions, and coma in humans

4. Ethanol Alcohol (isopropyl alcohol):

Known as Alcohol Denat, it’s used in the dye absorption process. We’ve replaced this alcohol with a naturally derived alternative that doesn’t dry hair the way ethanol does.

  • Ethanol Alcohol is often the cause of dried out hair after dyeing

5. Parabens:

Known to be a controversial preservative, parabens are said to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. We don’t add parabens to our formulas.

  • Parabens have little evidence to support their effectiveness

Madison Reed cares what you put in your hair and that’s why they have eliminated these ingredients from their hair color formula.

They re-engineered hair color by replacing harsh ingredients that are traditionally used in the coloring process with ingredients that are gentler on your hair and leave it healthier with longer lasting, salon-quality results.

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Friday Fragrance: GUESS Dare

disclosureGuess Dare Review

When you think of women of the 70s, who comes to mind? Farrah Fawcett in her classic red swimsuit poster? The leading ladies of the 007 films? The newest fragrance from GUESS is GUESS Dare – inspired by these sexy, daring 70s icons like Charlie’s Angels and Bond Girls. Its unique blend of notes, including Pear Blossom and Lime flower, captures the young and bold spirit of the GUESS Girl.

Notes of crisp kumquat, jasmine and coconut palm blend to create an irresistible fruity-floral aroma to get you noticed – even without a 70s style red one-piece suit!

  • Top notes: crisp kumquat, pear blossom, lime flower
  • Middle notes: living Palm Springs cactus flower, jasmine, wild rose
  • Bottom notes: blonde woods, living Key West coconut palm

GUESS Dare is available for $62 at

Rita Ora Collaborates with adidas Originals

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Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 1.14.31 PM

Once again, adidas Originals has teamed up on an epic collaboration, this time with British pop sensation Rita Ora. This partnership concentrates on both adidas and Ora have in common—fearlessness and originality. Introducing adidas Originals by Rita Ora.

Expect heritage classics carved up, recut and emblazoned in bold graphics and vibrant colors, all imagined by the hottest name in music at the moment, Rita Ora. This 3 season collaboration is a match brought about by a mutual admiration for breaking the rules and the shared rebellious natures of adidas and Ora.


“The collaboration came about through mutual love and appreciation. I have always been a fan of adidas Originals and respect what they stand for in their fearlessness and originality. I worked very closely with adidas Originals to put a personal touch in every piece with connections to my music, my career and my life. I’m really proud of the collection and beyond excited for my fans to get their hands on it!”
—Rita Ora

adidas Originals by Rita Ora, launching with Pastel Pack, Colourblock Pack, Black Pack lines (Spray Pack and Roses Pack coming soon) is now available on

30% Off Beautiful Karina Fall Dresses!

karina dresses

Now through September 21st you can get 30% off all Karina Fall Dresses with code FALL30 at checkout!

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