DIY Breakfast at Tiffany’s Costume for a Stylish Halloween

Disclosure AffiliateDIY Breakfast at Tiffany’s Costume for a Stylish Halloween

We are getting closer and closer to Halloween! I need to share another great DIY costume idea. Like our DIY Velma costume, this Breakfast at Tiffany’s DIY Costume idea is SOOOOOO much cuter than a pre-packaged costume you’ll find at your  local costume store or party store. Compile this costume yourself and you’ll super stylish this Halloween and you definitely won’t run into someone else at the party with the exact same costume!

Breakfast at Tiffanys Costume Pieces

Since this costume starts with a black dress that you buy in your own size, you will look so much more “put together” than a party store costume. And you DEFINITELY will be able to wear this dress again. Actually – you will probably end up wearing the whole outfit with the exception of the gloves, tiara and cigarette holder! All of the pieces needed for this costume can be found on Amazon:


Black Dress


Cigarette Holder


Necklace and Earring Set


That’s it! Unless you do want to bring along a fresh croissant for a finishing touch. It might be something good to snack on while sipping champagne. Oh, you’re going to look so stylish!

Dr.’s Remedy Power of Pink Natural Nail Polish Gives Back for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  There are so many different ways that you can get active in the fight against breast cancer in October, including painting your nails!  Right now when you purchase the Dr.’s Remedy new Power of Pink natural nail polish collection, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer which is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of women with this disease.

Uniquely formulated with organic ingredients, nourishing vitamins such as Biotin and without toxic additives commonly found in traditional polish, Dr.’s Remedy vegan nail polish is the #1 podiatrist recommended brand.


There are three different shades to choose from in the Power of Pink collection:  Promising Pink, Peaceful Pink Coral, and Purity Pink.  Each of these shades was developed to promote positivity and serenity, empowering women to feel good about themselves all while painting and strengthening their nails.

READER GIVEAWAY: One lucky Jinxy Beauty reader will receive two shades from the Power of Pink collection. To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59pm ET on 10/27/15. Good luck!

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DIY Pumpkin Foot Scrub

DIY Pumpkin Foot Scrub


Pumpkin season is here again!! Today is officially the first day of fall and that means it is time for all things pumpkin – in our foods, coffee drinks AND our beauty products. You can celebrate the first day of the new season by making your own DIY pumpkin foot scrub from celebrity nail artist and owner of As U Wish Nail Salon, Skyy Hadley.

“Pumpkins are more than just for carving on Halloween,” Skyy notes. “They’re rich in vitamins and nutrients and can do wonders for your feet!” They contain “various enzymes that help nourish and brighten the skin, and just by adding raw sugar you have a perfect foot scrub,” she said.

Ready to dive in and get your feet ready for fall? Just mix up a batch. (And if you’re really nice you can make some for your friends too. They’ll love you for it!

DIY Pumpkin Foot Scrub

1 can pureed pumpkin
1 cup plain yogurt
½ cup raw sugar

2 tablespoons honey
1/4 teaspoon olive oil

Mix pureed pumpkin in a bowl. Stir in a yogurt, honey, sugar and olive oil. Wash your feet in warm water, and while your feet are moist, apply the scrub using your hands in a circular motion. Massage the mask onto your feet for 10 minutes on each foot and remove with warm water and a washcloth.

Don’t forget to save this on Pinterest!!

DIY Pumpkin Foot Scrub

Martina Tunic Dress Styled for Fall


Marina Tunic Dress

We’re loving this Martina Tunic Dress for fall! It is versatile enough to wear as a year-round essential with its relaxed fit, ¾ elasticized sleeves and a feminine notch neck detail. It can be worn “as is” with sandals for summer or, as we head into fall, pair it with leggings to keep warm in the cooler air. Style to make it all your own with solid or print leggings and boots for a flattering Fall outfit!

Martina Tunic Dress

If you hurry, you can snag the Martina Tunic Dress from for only $19.99!  That’s 50% off! It’s available in sizes small to XL and available colors are:

  • Wine
  • Purple Berry
  • Charcoal
  • Fuchsia
  • Jade

Head on over to to check it out!

Ombre Nail Tutorial

Disclosure AffiliateOmbre Nail Look Tutorial

While Ombre definitely isn’t new (we have been seeing it for year on everything from clothes to nails to hair), but its popularity still isn’t fading! Why? Probably because ombre looks awesome, is fun to create and so easy to DIY. Julep has shared a new ombre nail art tutorial that uses colors from their ‘Fall Into Ombre’ Welcome Box – FREE when you join Julep Maven.

Let’s get started!

1. Choose three polishes that blend well together, spanning from dark to light. Not sure what to pick? You can’t go wrong with a deep, opaque color, a lighter shade of the same color, and white. Polish your nails with your darkest color. Allow them to dry.

2. Pour two small dollops of your medium and light colors on a smooth surface (like a piece of wax paper). The two dollops together should be about two-thirds the length of your nails. Use a toothpick or orangewood stick to swirl them together slightly so they mix in the middle, forming a gradient.

3. Dip the edge of a cosmetic sponge directly into your dollops of nail polish then align the sponge so that the lightest color is at the tip of your nail. Press the polish onto your nails with the sponge, dabbing and repeating until you achieve the desired effect. This doesn’t have to be precise!

4. Clean up the edges with our polish corrector pen or a thin brush dipped in polish remover. Finish with a top coat. Voilà!

ombre tutorial process

Julep Maven is affordable. Every month you get more than $40 of full-size products for just $24.99 per month (tip – prepay for three months at a time and save $15).Get the colors used in this look for FREE when you join Julep Maven, the subscription beauty box program. As a Julep Maven you’ll receive a box of brand-new, full sized nail color and beauty products each month – and you deserve it!

  • Julep Maven is the only customizable box of full-size, limited-run nail colors and beauty innovations. That means no surprises, no dupes or colors you don’t like. You can see what is in your box each month and have the option of swapping out colors/products you already have or don’t want.
  • Julep Mavens get 20% off all single product purchases, free shipping, early access to secret sales. If you are passionate about your polish, that adds up to some amazing savings!

LIMITED TIME OFFER! Join Maven and get the 4-piece Ombre Welcome Box FREE ($50+ value) – just pay $2.99 shipping with code FALLGIRL. Want an even better deal? Pre-pay for your first three months of Maven and get the Welcome Box and shipping FREE. Either way, you are going to LOVE being a Maven.

DIY Velma Halloween Costume – A Costume That’s Unique AND Fits Well!

Disclosure AffiliateDIY Velma Halloween Costume

It’s still a bit early in the season, but it’s not TOO early to start thinking about your Halloween costume!! It’s easy to go to the local costume store or party store and buy a “pre-packaged” costume, but it’s definitely not the best option. If you’re going to a big Halloween party you’re likely to see someone else with the exact same costume and it just won’t be very original!

The other problem with a party store costume is that they are generally pretty limited in sizes and you have to buy everything together – which doesn’t end up well if your top is bigger than your bottom or vice versa.

Putting together your own costume pretty much ensures that your costume will be unique AND it will fit you well. You can also easily tweak parts of the costume to be exactly what you want!

Scooby-Doo Velma Costume

We have a super fun idea for a putting together a costume to let you dress as Velma from Scooby-Doo. You can find all of these items at Amazon and put together your costume in one order!

Red Skirt

Orange Turtleneck Sweater

Thick Black Glasses

Velma-Style Wig

Magnifying Glass

Orange Knee-High Socks

Red Flats

That’s it!The whole thing should run you under $100 and you will have several pieces that you will be able to repurpose again – especially the cute red flats! Put together that outfit and you’ll be the smarter crime solver at the party. Just be sure to brush up on some classic Velma sayings like “Jinkies!”!

Julep: New 4-Piece Ombre Welcome Box FREE for New Maven Subscribers!

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Do you love beauty products?  Do you love getting mail?  If you do, the monthly subscription boxes from Julep are perfect for you!  Plus, right now new Julep Mavens subscribers can get a FREE Limited-Time Ombre Welcome Box valued at over $50 – just pay $2.99 shipped.  Just use the promo code FALLGIRL when signing up!  The Ombre Welcome Box has an ombre-perfect trio of polish shades plus a smokey taupe gel eye glider.

unnamed (9)

Why should you become a Julep Maven?  Each month you’ll get a box of full sized nail polish and other beauty products valued at $40 or more for just $24.99.  You can even pre-pay for three months and save $15!  If you find a product in your box that you love, you can score 20% off all single product purchases plus free shipping on the website.

Join Maven and get the 4-piece Ombre Welcome Box FREE ($50+ value) – just pay $2.99 shipping with code FALLGIRL. Want an even better deal? Pre-pay for your first three months of Maven and get the Welcome Box and shipping FREE. Either way, you are going to LOVE being a Maven!

Enter the Back to School Sweepstakes!

Disclosure Sweepstakes

It’s time to go back to school, both for students and for moms toting their kids to school and to school events. Are you ready to put your best face forward? Enter for a chance to win over $400 in premium skincare products with the Back to School Sweepstakes. One winner gets a gift bag full of skincare and cosmetic products, all valued at over $400. That would be a great start to the school year! prize pack includes almost 20 best selling skin and face items from Dermalogica, Bliss, Blinc, TheraPearl and Osmosis. It’s everything you need to keep all eyes on you when you hit the hallways this fall.

There is no purchase necessary to enter, although you’ll be tempted to stock up once you visit Just use coupon code 20AA for 20% off your purchase and you’ll also get FREE shipping. Enter to win the Back to School Sweepstakes! Over $400 worth of skincare products! Entries must be received by September 3, 2015.

ScarAway Scar Repair Gel Review + Reader Giveaway

Sample DisclosureScarAway Scar Repair Gel sample


Many of us can find some sort of scar from a scrape, injury or mishap that has happened at one time or another.  It would be nice if we could get by without ever having injuries but usually at some point in life something is bound to happen… and leave a mark that we wish we didn’t have.

My husband has an adventurous story about when he raced my nephew up the ladder of a silo. He caught his arm on the metal ladder and it left a scar. Luckily there are amazing products like ScarAway® Scar Repair Gel that can help make scars so they are NOT the center of a conversation.


The first thing that we liked is that the Gel does not have a strong smell to it and is orderless.  We also liked that it does not have a color, ’cause who wants to look like they are covering up a scar and wearing makeup? More important is – who wants the Scar to be the first thing people notice?  If you have a scar and prefer it NOT to be the first impression people see for you, then try ScarAway® Scar Repair Gel.IMG_1257

ScarAway® Scar Repair Gel, featuring patented Kelo-cote® technology, carries the only patented, transparent, self-drying 100% silicone gel designed to improve the appearance of scars and prevent abnormal or excessive scar formation.

  • The elegant, transparent gel offers convenient application for custom scar prevention and treatment that can begin the moment a wound has healed or sutures are removed.
  • Results can be seen in as little as two to three weeks; full results may be seen in 60-90 for new scars and 90 days or more for older scars.
  • For the treatment and prevention of abnormal scars of various sizes and locations, including hypertrophic (red and raised) and keloid scars.
  • Effective on old and new scars.

Reader Giveaway: One lucky Jinxy Beauty winner will win ScarAway® Scar Repair GelTo enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59pm ET on 9/10/15. Good luck!

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Add a Pop of Color for Fall with Monroe and Main + Reader Giveaway

This is a Fashionista Event Opportunity hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS and Modly Chic.

Fan Colorblock Dress

This fall is going to be all about color. Whether you opt for head-to-toe color or just a POP to make your style eye-catching, Monroe and Main is making it easy to spruce up your wardrobe with spotlight colors featuring Cobalt, Red, Merlot, Orange & Aubergine. Each of these colors is striking all on its own and in combination with a few muted colors really stands out! They are a fun and bold way to head into the new season.

Fan Colorblock Dress

I have always been a big fan of Cobalt. With light skin and hair and blue eyes, it is my choice for accenting my features. That’s why I was drawn to this Monroe and Main Fan Colorblock Dress. It features my go-to colors of black and white, along with a heather gray, and then this nice, bright POP of cobalt!

Monroe and Main Fan Colorblock Dress

The Fan Colorblock Dress has a flattering fit and is super-comfy in polyester/rayon/spandex. It has a back zip an clasp. You can also toss it in the washing machine to clean.

Fan Colorblock Dress

I got the new dress just in time to wear to a travel showcase this week. It was the perfect way to look professional all day while still being cool and comfortable throughout a hectic schedule. As we head into the cooler weather, it will look great with a jacket and I can even switch out the sandals for boots.

Color Confidence Giveaway

Reader Giveaway: We have a fabulous giveaway from Monroe and Main. One lucky reader will receive a Fall Color Bundle with a scarf, earrings, bracelet, & bag valued over $125! To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59pm ET on 8/31/15. Good luck! (Plus continue below for more chances to win!)

Disclaimer: Still Blonde after all these Years, Modly Chic, and Fashionista Events bloggers are not responsible if prize is not delivered. We will make every attempt to help you claim your prize.

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In total, 25 confident bloggers are sharing 25 ideas on how to add color PLUS 25 colorful prizes & 25 chances to win! Visit each of the blogs below for another chance to win a Monroe and Main Fall Color Bundle just like the one we are giving away here!