Blazon Diamond Bezel Hairbrush Collection

There’s something to be said for buying quality hair care products. Sure, cheap brushes and combs can work in a pinch, but if you want something that lasts, works well, AND looks good, you’ll need to spend a little more. A new design company, Blazon, is bridging the gap between functional, stylish accessories and street culture.

The Diamond Bezel Hairbrush Collection features emblematic designs that make a statement with graphic patterns embedded into the brush uppers. The patent-pending hexagon bristle array provides increased brushing coverage, making the hairbrush ideal for diverse hair textures.

This brush works on wavy, curly, and straight hair and is great for styling and smoothing all hair types and lengths. The set includes a case for clean, convenient travel along with a custom stand to park your brush when not in use. Take care of your products and they will take care of you!

The Diamond Bezel Collection Hairbrush Set retails for $59 and comes in blue, red, purple, or gold. It’s currently sold out, but you can subscribe for product updates + brand news HERE. You can also enter the giveaway below!

Reader Giveaway: One lucky Jinxy Beauty reader will win the Diamond Bezel Collection Hairbrush Set. To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59 pm ET on 12/3/18. Good luck!

Blazon Hairbrush Set Giveaway

31 thoughts on “Blazon Diamond Bezel Hairbrush Collection

  1. Carolyn Daley

    I would choose the Blazon Blue. I really like the color in your top photo which looks like a royal purple but I don’t see that one on the site. I see Lavender instead. I think the brush that looks like royal purple is the best but I would definitely be happy with blue. Thanks for the chance!

  2. Virginia H

    I would choose the Blazon Blue color because I love the color blue. I would use this set for myself. Thank you for the awesome blog post about company


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