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Beauty Butler Makeup Organizer – Reader Giveaway

Keep your makeup clean, organized and avoid stress 
with Beauty Butler

How annoying is it having to dig through a makeup bag to find the products you’re looking for? For me it’s eyeliner that always seems to disappear and I find it stuck down in the seam of my bag. Frustrating! Not only does it waste time digging through your bags, but it can be rough on your products having to jostle it around every time you’re searching for something. The Beauty Butler is a simple and easy-to-use solution to this problem! It keeps your beauty products organized and ready for use.

Beauty Butler, a first-of-its-kind makeup accessory, is a discrete black palate that enables the user to organize and secure normally loose beauty items for easy, convenient access.

“Among the top complaints about their makeup routine from women and even professional makeup artists are not being able to find a specific product and the amount of time they spend looking,” said Danielle Smith, Creator and Founder of Beauty Butler. “This product addresses both of those issue and others when you take into account how much makeup — and money — is wasted because it breaks in a makeup bag or is unusable because it wasn’t properly stored.”

The user friendly Beauty Butler works with every brand and shape of beauty products. All you have to do is clean the makeup, apply the Beauty Butler sticker and place it on Beauty Butler into any arrangement. Items will remain secure in their place and easily accessible.

Beauty Butler is available in two convenient sizes:

“Flirt” — 4 in. by 6 in., $10.99
“Diva” — 6 in. by 8 in., $12.99
Size combinations are also available, adding to the savings.

About Beauty Butler

Danielle Smith, who created Beauty Butler to make her own cosmetic routine organized and timely, decided to share it with the world. Beauty Butler has helped women everywhere solve makeup issues that may arise at any place at any time. And with the Beauty Butler guarantee, “if it doesn’t revolutionize your own cosmetic routine,” it can be returned for a full refund.

Keep your makeup clean, organized and avoid stress with Beauty Butler!

Reader Giveaway: One lucky Jinxy Beauty reader will win their own Beauty Butler. To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59pm ET on 3/27/17. Good luck!

Beauty Butler Giveaway

Get a Brighter Smile for Summer with Luster Premium White!

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A few months ago I was at the dentist’s office for a checkup and a cleaning.  I didn’t have any cavities and my wisdom teeth haven’t changed position at all, so I thought things were going rather smoothly, until my dentist’s hygenist started cleaning my teeth and gave me her unsolicited sales pitch, telling me that I’d be the “perfect candidate” for professional teeth whitening.

I don’t take criticism or advice too well so I wasn’t really thrilled when she told me this.  I hadn’t even thought about the color of my teeth.  I thougth they were fine!  But, that comment left me feeling self conscious.  That is why I am SO GLAD that Luster Premium White sent me a package full of goodies to try out!

I received the Luster Premium White Smile Illuminator Instant Whitening Kit AND the Luster Premium Pro Light Dental Whitening System, plus they threw in a bonus: the Luster 2 Minute White.  I’ll admit that I haven’t been very religious with using it (it has been a crazy month), but I really have noticed a difference from the times I’ve gotten to use the whitening.

Here’s a little more info about the different systems, plus the scoop on how you can grab them for yourself (they are actually very affordable – a LOT cheaper than getting your teeth whitened at the dentist!):


Luster Premium White Smile Illuminator Instant Whitening Kit ($17.99) – Perfect for that last minute spring smile touch up, the Smile Illuminator Instant Whitening Kit is not only a quick fix for last minute whitening, but it also includes a bonus Whitening Serum to lift surface and deep stains that fits right in your clutch! The Bluverite® in the Electrifying Blue Toothpaste and Brisk Rinse deposits blue micro-particles onto your teeth to offset the yellow, creating the optical effect of whiter teeth.


Luster Premium Pro Light Dental Whitening System ($43.99) – The Pro Light Dental Whitening System is perfect to help you prepare for spring and summer and get that pearly, white smile you’ve been dreaming of. With the Strongest competitive claims on the market, whitening teeth 2x faster than strips and trays, this system works to reverse years of stains in just 30 minutes using the same light technology used in dental offices.  Get this – it is clinically proven to brighten your smile up to 6 SHADES and reverse years of stains in just 30 minutes with ZERO tooth sensitivity.  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

I’m not the only one who loves these products.  They have been featured in high-end magazines like Allure!  Head over to their website,, for all of the details!

Spa Sonic and Dermalight 2014 Exclusive Holiday Deals

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.31.51 AM
If you have been wanting a Spa Sonic to amp up your beauty routine, this is the season to snag one at a discount. Even when NOT on sale, the Spa Sonic is a great value compared to similar products. Unlike some rotating brushes that require the purchase of a new device or attachment for each and every skincare need, the Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher comes with four bonus attachments – a small brush for the face, a large brush for the body, a pumice pad for rough areas, and a facial sponge for microdermabrasion and the application of skincare products.

This is where you can score the best prices on Spa Sonic and Dermalight this holiday season:

Spa Sonic Face Effects (Gold, Silver, Cheetah, Zebra)
Holiday (Nov 1st – Dec 30th): $31.99 (Reg $59.99)
Spa Sonic Color Collection
Cyber Week (Dec 1st – 6th): $29.99 (Reg $64.99)
Holiday (Nov 1st – Dec 30th): $31.99 (Reg $64.99)
Spa Sonic Pro
Holiday (Nov 1st – Dec 30th): $39.99 (Reg $74.99)
Holiday (Nov 1st – Dec 30th): $129.99 (Reg $159.99)
spa sonic color collection
Spa Sonic Face Effects (Gold, Silver, Cheetah, Zebra)
Holiday (Nov 1st – Dec 30th): $33.99 (Reg $59.99)
Spa Sonic Color Collection
Holiday (Nov 1st – Dec 30th): $33.99 (Reg $69.99)
Spa Sonic Pro
Nov 1st – Nov 26th: $49.99 (Reg $74.99)
Black Friday/Cyber Week (Nov 26th – Dec 6th): $41.99 (Reg $74.99)
Dec 7th – Dec 31st: $49.99 (Reg $74.99)
Holiday (Nov 1st – Dec 30th): $129.99 (Reg $159.99)


Spa Sonic Face Effects (Polka Dot, Cheetah, Zebra)
50% off clearance (Oct 20th – Dec 30th): $29.99 (Reg $59.99)
Spa Sonic Color Collection
Black Friday (Nov 28th): $33.99 (Reg $59.99)
Cyber Week (Dec 1st – 6th): $33.99 (Reg $59.99)


Spa Sonic Color Collection
Holiday (Nov 25th – Jan 27th): $39.99 (Reg $64.99)

Free Shipping from on Any Purchase through 9/30!

avon free shipping

Now through tomorrow (Sept 29 – Sept 30) you can get free shipping on ANY purchase from! This is a great offer to stock up on cosmetics, facial care and more.

You could shop their great sales to really maximize your savings with this offer. Or shop the Outlet catalog for great clearance prices such as:

  • Liquid Eyeliner only $1.99 Shipped (reg $7)
  • Shine Attract Lipstick only $2.49 Shipped (reg $7)
  • Roll-On Deodorant only $.99 or 2/$1.75
  • Jeggings only $12.99 Shipped (reg $20)
  • Light Up Pocket Screwdriver only $4.99 Shipped (reg $7)
  • and More!

They have some really incredible deals on clearance with hundreds of items such as clothing, cosmetics, skin care, personal hygiene products and more! Head over here to shop these prices and get free shipping while this promotion lasts.

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Professional Beauty Supplies from Sally Beauty Supply

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Whether you’re a beauty professional or just a lover of beauty products, you can save a bundle by shopping at Sally Beauty Supply. They are the world’s largest retailer of professional beauty supplies, operating more than 2,800 stores worldwide. They offer over 7,000 professional quality products for hair, skin and nails to retail customers and salon professionals and the stores are staffed by knowledgeable sales associates to help you solve your hair and beauty frustrations.

sally beauty 4Sally beauty Supply has nearly every beauty product you could think of. I especially love their selection of nail polish. They have an awesome assortment of brand and colors. They also have all the tools you need for a professional manicure or pedicure.

sally beauty 2

Beyond nails, Sally Beauty Supply has professional quality makeup, hair care, skincare and so much more. I love just browsing the aisles because I find so many new products I hadn’t even known about. And with such reasonable prices, it gives me a little more freedom to be able to experiment with new things!
sally beauty 3

Sally also offers lots of different ways to save. As you browse through the aisles you can see many special offers labeled with signs – it’s hard to pass up many of the deals! They also have loyalty programs, like the Beauty Club Card for non-professional customers and the Sally ProCard for professional customers. These cards offer discounts on every item in the store. As a member, you receive monthly e-mail newsletters with beauty tips, new product information and exclusive coupons.


If you want to start saving right now, you can register to receive an exclusive in-store Sally Beauty coupon. You’ll be able to save $3.50 off any $10 purchase! Sally Beauty already has great deals on beauty supplies and this coupon will make them even better!

Perfect Beauty Tweezers for Precise, Perfect Brows


Perfect Beauty Tweezers

Perfectly formed brows can make a big impact on your appearance and literally change the way you look.  Your brows help frame your face and perfectly sculpted ones give you a polished appearance.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 7.20.02 AM

To help you control this important part of your face, there’s a new line of tweezers from Perfect Beauty. Perfect Beauty Tweezers help beauty addicts and novices alike effortlessly and successfully care for your brows, and are a must-have for every make-up bag.  These tweezers are hand-crafted in Italy of 100% pure stainless steel to help create perfect and precise brows ­ and they’re guaranteed for life! Plus they look great in your makeup bag too with their awesome designs in fun patterns including the Flower Collection for 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 7.21.43 AM

 Shop:  You can shop for and order Perfect Beauty Tweezers at Shipping on all orders is FREE!

Reader Giveaway: One lucky Jinxy Beauty reader will win their own Perfect Beauty Tweezers. To enter, just complete the entry form below by 7/1/14. Good luck!

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