Sweater Dresses from Karina Dress – Snuggle Up and Save!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love sweater dresses! Living in the COOOOOOOLD climate of Minnesota, it is a great way to stay warm, but still look good! When it is so cold outside almost all you want to do is cuddle up inside. Karina Dresses are the fashion equivalent of a cuddle, and from 1/6 to 1/7, they are putting their coziest fabrics on sale for only $88.

So head over to their Karina Classics Collection and grab a dress in their ponte or sweater fabrics. Because sometimes we do have to brave the cold after all, and you might as well look good doing it!

Karina Dresses was founded in 2007, based upon fashion industry veteran, Karina Cousineau’s, vision of creating dresses for every woman. She knew there was a real need for a fashion line that makes every body (and everybody) feel and look great no matter what shape or size. A line that made every woman feel like a Frockstar™. Handmade in New York from limited edition fabrics, Karina Dresses creates a custom collection that is both classic and fashion-forward. Through a deep dialogue with retailers and direct clients, Karina takes a “slow fashion” approach, patiently nurturing dresses with artisanal attention to fit, fabric and construction.

3 thoughts on “Sweater Dresses from Karina Dress – Snuggle Up and Save!

  1. Robin Wilson

    Both of the dresses that you have here are so pretty. I have always wanted to get a sweater “dress” to wear with some leggings. I have heard of Karina before, but never had any of their clothing. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Nicole Dz

    Both dresses shown above are very pretty and so versatile to style. I love the gray stripe ponte dress on there site. Great prices!


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