Recreate AMA Hairstyles of Julianne Hough and Rita Ora

Recreate AMA Hairstyles of Julianne Hough and Rita Ora

As usual, the fashions and hairstyles at the American Music Awards go hand in hand with the music for top-billing for the evening. There were some gorgeous dresses on hand and equally beautiful hairstyles. I personally loved Julianne Hough’s slick and simple do. To help you Recreate AMA Hairstyles at home, Jenny Balding, Cutler/Redken Stylist, shares two of her favorite looks from tonight’s 42nd Annual AMAs – Rita Ora & Julianne Hough and how to achieve the look for yourself.

To recreate Julianne’s slicked back bob:

  • Start by blow-drying all your hair back and off your face.
  • Create a deep side part of whatever side that suits you best.
  • Starting at the back use a gel that has hold and creates shine for best results.
  • Take small sections at a time and apply the gel and comb through each section.  Continue until you reach the front hairline a sweep back off your face also.
  • It’s important to start at the back to make sure every strand is coated with gel to create the ultimate sleek style.


To recreate Rita Ora’s ultimate sleek topknot:

  • Start by blow drying your hairline up and back to really help getting it smooth and sleek
  • Use a sleek balm through the roots to tame and smooth the flyway’s.  Cutler flyaway stick is the perfect product for this as the more you use the more it will hold and create sheen.
  • Sweep into a really high ponytail that sits right on top of the crown.
  • Use a straightening iron on the ponytail to create a super sleek finish.
  • Mist each section first with a strong hold hairspray that won’t flake and delivers shine also. Redken Control Addict 28 is perfect for this
  • Wrap around the base of the ponytail, section by section until the last section of hair leave about 2″ of hair out to create Rita’s topknot.
  • Finish by misting Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Airy mist to achieve exceptional shine.

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