New Warby Parker & Beck Limited Edition Frames

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For glasses wearers, nothing pulls together the perfect outfit better (or makes you look smarter) than the ideal set of frames.  Warby Parker has teamed up with Beck to create a limited-edition pair of frames to promote Beck’s upcoming Song Reader concert. The new Limited Edition Carmichael Frames – Inspired by Beck, are available to purchase today and are only available while supplies last. The Carmichael frames are available in two different styles for both men and women. To check out the Carmichael frames or to learn more about the Warby Parker and Beck collaboration, check out

One thought on “New Warby Parker & Beck Limited Edition Frames

  1. Julie Wood

    I am going to look at these really nice Warby Parker frames. They look cute and are not expensive! I need a new pair of frames, and they look like they will have a style I like!


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