A Macy’s #FashionRocks Interview with Courtney Kerr

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Macy’s helped to kick off the Fall Fashion season here in Minneapolis with a #FashionRocks event complete with a runway show hosted by celebrity host, TV Personality and Fashion Blogger, Courtney Kerr. Courtney gave us a few minutes to discuss her fashion favorites and philosophy.

What have been your favorite accessories lately?

Courtney: I always wear a watch. My favorite accessory is my Hermes Cuff. It was a gift from my boyfriend when he went to Paris. I wasn’t able to go with him, so this is my gift saying sorry you couldn’t go. It was a good gift.

What would you claim as your personal style addiction?

Courtney: Right now I am obsessed with over the knee boots. I just bought 4 new pairs in the past three weeks. Something that never changes is leopard print. I treat it like a natural. It doesn’t scare me.

Do you see “fashion” all the time or are there moments when you find yourself steering away from it?

Courtney:  It’s such a big part of me that is integrated into my daily life that it’s a part of who I am.


Say you are shopping at Macy’s and as you are scanning the racks what jumps first out?

Courtney: The red sale signs when I am at Macy’s because they do such a great job of putting items on sale. I do a lot of research before I go shopping that I never really shop and browse.

Are you more of an online shopper?

Courtney: Yeah, I like trying things on in the privacy of my own home. Then I can see what shoes they go with and mix and match them.

What inspired you to connect with the fashion world?

Courtney: My Grandmother. She loved fashion and for my fourth birthday she gave me a dress up box of her old hand-me-down clothes. I didn’t play with dolls, I played dressed up. I think everyone wants to turn what they love into how they pay their bills.

How did you envision your personal style playing a role in your blog in the beginning stages?

Courtney: It wasn’t so much playing a role as being authentic. I think that when you are a blogger you need to be authentic. Readers see that. I don’t think it’s playing a role as much as what I am feeling that day. You can speak to any personality you are feeling.

Biggest pet peeves when it comes to fashion?

Courtney: Clothes that don’t fit well. Get a tailor. Nothing fits well off the rack.

Biggest challenge in what you do?

Courtney: Feeling like I always have to look good. Like I am letting people down when I wear yoga pants and a tee shirt to run to the grocery store.

Thanks to Kelly from Muddy Flowers for conducting this interview on our behalf!

6 thoughts on “A Macy’s #FashionRocks Interview with Courtney Kerr

  1. Cheryl Rogers

    I like her style, I would love to buy the boots that she mentioned she bought in the last three weeks! I need some good boots for sure!

  2. Crystal

    I wish I could get everything tailored. I have trouble with pant lengths. Even though there are additional sizes available online, it’s hard to find just the right size.


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