Hair Tutorial: Straight Hair Voluminous Blowout

disclosure affiliate linksWho doesn’t love a good trip to the Blow Dry Bar? Ever wonder how those professionals get your hair so beautifully sleek and full of body? Madison Reed colorist Noelle shows you just how easy it is to achieve that professional quality voluminous style right at home in today’s hair tutorial!

NOTE: This style works best on straight or slightly wavy hair to get the most volume.

See full written instructions at the bottom of the page.

Madison Reed

1. Wash and condition your hair using Madison Reed nourishing, color enhancing shampoo and conditioner set. Comb through your tresses using a big toothed comb. This will result in the least amount of damage to your wet locks!

2. Use a micro-fiber towel to gently squeeze out all excess moisture. The drier the hair the better the results!

NOTE: Avoid rubbing hair with a towel as it will damage your hair cuticles and make it look more frizzy.

3. Using a comb, section your hair into four horizontal sections (from temple to temple, ear to ear) and twist them into a bun. This will make the drying process MUCH easier.

4. If you have bangs or any shorter fringe around the face, start here as this section will dry the quickest. Using a round brush, swipe your bangs downward and side-to-side. Set your hair dryer to medium heat and direct the air-flow to blow downward from root to tip.

5. Release the bottom section of your hair and position the air flow downward towards the direction you will be brushing. Hold the round brush horizontally and curl your hair inward. Drape hair on your shoulder and allow it to cool off.

Pro tip: Using the cool button on your blow dryer to prolong your style.

6. Release the section of hair above this one and repeat step 5.

7. Release the section of hair above this one and repeat step 5 again. When you reach either side above the ears, the method of drying will change a bit. Hold the brush at a slightly vertical angle and twirl it inward. Don’t forget to use that cool button!

8. The final section at the top of the head is where you can get the most volume. Begin at the crown (back portion of this section) and position your brush horizontally. Round your hair inward and concentrate the air flow downward at the roots to get the most lift.

9. Finally, dry the remaining section of hair apply a light finishing spray.

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