Borrow from Charlotte’s Closet! Designer Dresses Up to 75% Off

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Wouldn’t you just love to have a really fashionable celebrity BFF who would let you raid their closet at any time, day or night? While we can’t get you into Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lawrence’s closets, we DO have an online version of this concept for you: Charlotte’s Closet.


Charlotte’s Closet was dreamed up when 12 year old Charlotte needed a nice dress for a fancy party. Tired of spending a fortune on dresses Charlotte would only wear one time, and familiar with the concept of dress rental sites for adults, Charlotte’s mother discovered there wasn’t an option like this for teenagers but the demand for one was huge.  Jen Forman formed the company Charlotte’s Closet, an online dress rental company for tweens and teens. You can borrow designer dresses for up to 75% off their original price! Girls will love the selection while parents will love the prices.

Want to know what makes Charlotte’s Closet extra special? You can actually visit their showroom in NYC to try on dresses and reserve one up to five months before the date you need it. Just email to book your appointment.


Here’s how to use Charlotte’s Closet:

  • Visit
  • Search for dresses by color, size, style, or occasion.
  • Once you find a dress or two that you love, select one size. Charlotte’s Closet actually sends you a second size as a back up just in case, for no extra charge!
  • Enter the date of the special event and the dress will be delivered the week of the event.
  • Once the event is over, attach the pre-paid UPS retrun label to the original box and ship it back. You don’t even have to have it dry cleaned!


Sounds perfect, right?  Log on and borrow something from Charlotte’s Closet now and receive 20% off first purchase with the code 20OFF!

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