Vote on My Dress for the Iron Man 3 Red Carpet Premiere #IronMan3Event


Lucky, lucky ME – I’ll be attending the Hollywood red carpet premiere of Iron Man 3 later this month. Now I need help deciding what to wear!! I did a quick preliminary shopping trip near home today to see if I could find anything. I wasn’t prepared to go dress shopping, had on NO makeup and was wearing black socks, which I had to crop out of all these pictures – – it’s really hard to judge a dress when you see those staring at you and I do NOT put my bare feet on those dirty dressing room floors. Take a look at the three choices and let me know which one YOU think I should wear!

Dress #1 – This is probably the least dressy of the three, but it is amazingly comfortable and I like the fit.

Dress 1

Dress #2 – It is really hard to see in the picture, but there are shimmery silver threads running through this dress.  (Ugh – this picture turned out so bad!)

dress 2

Dress #3 – This is probably the “best made” of the 3, but not sure if it’s my favorite.  Dress 3

So, those are the three choices I have so far.  I wore Navy blue at my last premiere for Brave, so I’m looking at a different color this time.  Here is that dress:

brave premiere

So now I NEED YOUR HELP!  Tell me which of the three dresses is your favorite.  You can simply click to vote, but I welcome your comments too!  I may not be done shopping yet, but the feedback so far will help.  Thanks in advance!

Dress 4

Not to throw a wrench in the voting, but I also found this dress that I wore to a wedding last year!











Disclosure: Disney will be sponsoring my travel, accommodations and activities during the #IronMan3Event. Any opinions expressed are my own.

10 thoughts on “Vote on My Dress for the Iron Man 3 Red Carpet Premiere #IronMan3Event

  1. Ginger Kay

    I don’t like any of them as much as the blue dress. I did not vote, because I think #1 fits the best, but #2 looks dressier and is a more flattering colour. That might be the lighting, though.

    1. thriftyjinxy Post author

      I did like that wedding dress, but I already have a lot of pictures with me in it – maybe I need to “change things up” – not sure yet…..

  2. Tree

    You have the cutest, tiniest figure! They all look great on you, but I’m partial to the orange or pink dress! The blue is gorgeous too!

    1. thriftyjinxy Post author

      You’re so sweet. My hips might disagree with you, but I’ll take the compliment! 🙂


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