Tips for Curly Hair – Love those Curly Tresses!

Tips for Curly Hair
Curly hair can be lots of fun and very beautiful! With the help of these easy tips from Tamika Claridy, Manager & Senior Stylist at Symbols Salonm curly girls can embrace their tresses and maximize their natural beauty!

1. By nature, curly hair bestows a very porous texture so it requires lots of moisture. Claridy recommends cleansing with a hydrating or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. It’s best to shampoo on alternating days or even every two days as shampooing every day can cause dry hair and scalp.

2. Use a leave in conditioner and make sure the hair gets fully saturated. This will keep the hair conditioned, soft and moisturized.

3. Use a dime sized dab of product for especially created for curly hair such as curl creams or balms. Claridy recommends creams and balms because they won’t dry the hair out and they leave the hair soft and natural looking.

Bonus tips: Always use a shampoo formulated for curly hair. Claridy does not recommend using hair gel or mousse because it can cause the hair too be dry.


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