Reebok SkyScape Runaround Shoe – You Can Customize Them!



While we all love a closet full of shoes, it’s still nice to have shoes that do double (or triple) duty so you can go through our busy days without adding to the “to do” list by having to change shoes too!  With so many activities in your life, who has time to coordinate a multitude of shoes to go with them all?

Check out the Reebok SkyScape Runaround Shoe. This shoe is so super comfortable you can wear it to the gym, workout, then onto a full day of errands and running about town. And it doesn’t look like the standard workout shoe — it is simple and stylish and looks great with everything from yoga pants to jeans. You can even customize it to work with your wardrobe!

If you’ve noticed Miranda Kerr wearing a pair of hot new pink shoes in the press, then the Reebok SkyScape has already caught your eye. (If you haven’t seen hers, take a look at her SkyScape commercial that everyone is buzzing about.) The Reebok SkyScape Runaround Shoe is now on sale. Go design yours today!

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1 thought on “Reebok SkyScape Runaround Shoe – You Can Customize Them!

  1. Caitlyn

    I need to by sneakers that can go from walking around with baby at the park to walking around town or the mall. I love the black ones pictured! I’ll have to look into these now!


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