Madison Reed: Loving My Salon Quality Hair Color at Home


Madison Reed ReviewMadison Reed Collage

Madison Reed Review

There’s no better way to feel renewed and prepared for the spring season than with fresh color for your hair.  As soon as it starts hinting at a change in the season I am ready to go shopping for new clothes and freshen up my look.

Getting hair color done at a salon can be PRICEY!  I would much rather use that money to bolster my spring wardrobe, but I’m not always thrilled with the results of home hair color.  So, I was excited to try Madison Reed, a NEW way to color your hair at home with salon quality results thanks to micro-pigment color technology.


The awesomeness of Madison Reed starts right with the online ordering process.  They have lots of tools to help you determine exactly what color to order.  They have a Color Advisor tool that considers features such as your skin tone to find your best shade.  They also have a Color Translator that can help find the Madison Reed shade that is best for you based on your current home coloring brand and shade.

When the help gets really special is that they also have colorists on hand to help with your questions.  You can choose to speak to them by phone, through online chat or by email.  You can also send them your photo so they are able to give you answers by actually looking at you!


The second part of Madison Reed that I LOVE is that their hair color is healthier for you AND for your hair.  They pack it with rich nutrients like keratin, argan oil and ginseng root extract.  It makes your hair feel stronger and look shinier and better than before you colored.  The formula has no amonia-based dyes and is also free of resorcinol, and parabens, taking the harsh out of hair color.


Getting the Madison Reed hair coloring kit in the mail was fun!  It is packed so nicely and has every goodie you can think of to make your coloring experience a breeze.  It even has Madison Reed shampoo and conditioner (which I have already sampled in the past – love them!)  On to my results…….

This was my BEFORE picture.  As you can see my roots were giving away the fact that I haven’t been a true blonde since junior high school.  And luckily you can’t see it in the picture, but there were some (gasp) gray hairs showing too!


Using the Madison Reed hair color was a breeze.  They include special touches not available in a drugstore color kit like barrier cream to protect your skin, cleansing wipes to take care of those “oops” spots, a protective cap and TWO pair of gloves – one for the coloring process and one for the rinsing.

One of the biggest things I noticed was that there was NO overpowering chemical smell like I’m used to!  It was such a pleasure to not feel like I was choking and gagging while coloring.    I was also happy to know that I wouldn’t be walking around with that smell in my hair for the next day!

And – my final result!  I was happy with the even color – something I’m not always great about is spreading the color evenly, but it worked like a charm!  And those pesky greys I mentioned, I’m happy to confirm that Madison Reed provided 100% grey hair coverage.

Madison Reed Hair Color

Ready to try Madison Reed yourself?  This is a GREAT time to do so because they are offering 20% off plus FREE shipping for the month of March!  To get the deal, just enter promo code NEWYOU at checkout.

Madison Reed Hair Color

34 thoughts on “Madison Reed: Loving My Salon Quality Hair Color at Home

  1. Jennifer

    This would save me SO much money. I have very thick hair so no matter how short or long it is it always costs me an arm and a leg to get my hair colored.

  2. Debra

    It looks so complicated with all the bottles, but your hair looks fab. It’s great to be able to bring the salon home -and for a fraction of the price.

  3. Sabrina Radke

    As a lady that has had grays since I was 15 I am SO going to try this! Your hair looks so great and natural!

  4. Lindsey

    Does your hair feel more brittle? The color is great, but it looks a little drier. I don’t trust a box anymore – i have to go the salon!

  5. Shell

    I’m so scared to try to color my hair at home. I had a terrible experience years ago and had to get it fixed at the salon, which was so pricey! This looks like there’s less risk than just grabbing a box off a shelf at the store, though.

  6. Jaime

    I’m actually getting my hair colored tomorrow. It’s fairly pricey, so I space my appointments out as far as I possibly can. I haven’t yet figured out how I can get as good of a color at home!

  7. Melanie S.

    I haven’t dyed my hair in years, but now I have gray hairs popping up, so it’s probably time I start again. I’ll have to do more research on this one, but I’m definitely considering this one. Thanks!

  8. Dina

    I love that you didn’t have a chemical smell. I will have to get this when I color next time. It’ll be here before I know it.

  9. Janel C.

    Chrysa – I love the color of your hair! I had never heard of Madison Reed until earlier this week. I like that the kit comes with 2 gloves, a cap, wipes and a skin barrier cream…..nice extra touches! I plan on checking them out the next time I need to color my hair.

  10. Krissy

    Coloring my hair at home would definitely save me some money to use elsewhere. I go about every 8 weeks, and it’s well over $100. I might give this a try – but I’ll probably use my daughter as a guinea pig first, lol.

  11. Caitlyn

    I have blonde hair that’s a B*tch unless bleached bc it’s more like light brown naturally. I’d love to try this but just like box hair color I’m sure I’d be too brassy after and still have to go to salon to fix it

  12. India

    Hi – I just read your blog about Madison Reed and coloring. Can you tell me the name of the color you chose / they chose for you? I didn’t see you mention the color in your write up review. Thanks!


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