DIY Mary Poppins Costume

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We’re back with another DIY costume idea that is oh-so cute! This DIY Mary Poppins costume will be the hit of yourHalloween party. It’s easy to go to the local costume store or party store and buy a “pre-packaged” costume, but it’s definitely not the best option. If you’re going to a big party you’re likely to see someone else with the exact same costume and it just won’t be very original!

The other problem with a party store costume is that they are usually limited in sizes and you have to buy everything in one package – which doesn’t end up good if your top is bigger than your bottom or vice versa.


Putting together your own costume pretty much ensures that your costume will be unique AND it will fit you well. You can also easily tweak parts of the costume to be exactly what you want!

We have a super fun idea for a putting together a costume to let you dress as everyone’s favorite nanny with this DIY Mary Poppins costume. You can find all of these items at Amazon and put together your costume in one order!

Wool Derby Bowler HatWool Derby Bowler HatBlack Umbrella with Wood Stick HandleBlack Umbrella with Wood Stick HandleTapestry Convertible Shoulder Handbag in William Morris Strawberry Thief Red DesignTapestry Convertible Shoulder Handbag in William Morris Strawberry Thief Red DesignRed Bow TieRed Bow TieWomens Tailored Long Sleeve Button Down ShirtWomens Tailored Long Sleeve Button Down ShirtWomen's Black Pleated A-Line SkirtWomen’s Black Pleated A-Line SkirtWomens Vintage Round Toe Lace-up Booties BlackWomens Vintage Round Toe Lace-up Booties BlackDeluxe White Women Gloves, 1 PairDeluxe White Women Gloves, 1 Pair

That’s it! The whole thing should run you under $100 and you will have lots of pieces that you will be able to repurpose again in everyday outfits. Now all you have to do is brush up on singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Chimney Sweep Costume

(If your boyfriend or husband wants to accompany you as a chimney sweep, there is a complete chimney sweep costume available if he wants to skip putting together his outfit himself!)

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