The 6 Jewelry Box Essentials for Every Woman

When we shop for jewelry, many women tend to always be attracted to the same items over and over again – whether it be chunky necklaces, bangly bracelets, hoop earrings, etc.  For me, I am always looking at pendant necklaces.  But, if you want your jewelry selection to be as well-rounded as your wardrobe, here are the six essentials for any woman’s jewelry box:

1. The Statement Necklaces
2. An Arm Party
3. Something Sparkly
4. The Keepsake
4. The Essential Base
6. Everyday Studs

I think that I can cross most of these off the list.  My favorite of these would have to be the keepsake charm bracelet with charms from all the countries I have visited since I was very young.

I do think that one item is missing from this list that is a definite essential – HOOP EARRINGS!  I love to throw them on when I’m doing a super casual day – it gives an indication that I put in at least a little effort before leaving the house!

How about you?  What is your one MUST HAVE item in your jewelry box?

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